Flemming B. Bröcher


As market researcher Flemming has consulted extensively with many different types of industries such as TV and radio stations, the automobile industry (especially “after sales” market), business-to-business (including technical goods/services and suppliers), cosmetics, leisure industry and telecommunications. Flemming is the professional market research craftsman that takes the client’s perspective, focusing on action-oriented project designing with solid marketing recommendations and least but not last always with the future in mind.

Today, Flemming focuses primarily on commercial marketing research such as print advertisement/TV commercial diagnosis, brand development (such as brand value tracking, advertising effect tracking and behaviour effects), customer satisfaction/relationship management and market segmentation/profiling.

Prior to forming the BERENT research institute, Flemming held the position as “Head of International Research” with the Forsa Institute in Dortmund in Germany. His academic experience includes several years with the University in Odense in Denmark as academic researcher.

Flemming holds a Bachelor degree in business economics and a Master of Science degree in international marketing management and is member of “ESOMAR”, the German market researchers association “BVM” and a number of other associations.