BERENT is an independent full-service research organisation, owned and managed by research professionals with over 25 years of experience in the market research sector. BERENT carry out all types of market, opinion and social research, where the methods of the empirical social research methodology can be employed. The key areas of our current research work are:

Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer Journey Maps - Customer Centricity - Satisfaction Index - Service and Product Quality - Customer Experience Maps - Immediate Feedback - Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Customer Loyalty - Satisfaction Framework - Balanced Scorecard

Advertising Research

Campaign Pre-Testing - Brand Awareness - Cross-Media - Campaign Post-Testing - Media Planning - Ad Tracking - Recall - Copy Testing - Brand Preference - Communication Diagnostic

Big Insight

Customer Satisfaction Modelling - Future Demand Forecasting - Econometrics - Linear / Logistic Regression - Data Mining - Market Response Modelling - Key Driver Analysis - Predicative Analytics - Data Science - Retention Modelling

Business Strategical Research

Perception Measurement - Export Market Studies - Corporate Image Framework - Brand Image - SWOT - Reputation Measurement - Competitive Advantage - Added Value - Brand Tracking - Core Competence - Innovative Power


We are a well-established market research organisation with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and have a proven track record in providing consistently high-quality research, this is a testament to the calibre of our market research professionals.
As one of the leading providers of research concerning IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) services, we conduct thousands of interviews - by telephone and online - annually with IPR users worldwide, in many different languages, ranging from private individuals right through to the largest major global enterprises.