BERENT offers a number of different in-house qualitative research services:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviewing among consumers (face-to-face or by telephone)
  • High level corporate in-depth interviews (face-to-face or by telephone)


BERENT’s focus group techniques include:

  • Standard group discussions/focus groups with 8-10 participants
  • Mini groups with 3-5 participants
  • Family groups for example married couples
  • Workshops (all day and half day)
  • Pre-tasking groups


BERENT’s qualitative project managers and moderators are all experienced in marketing (not for example in psychology). This experience ensures a focus on action oriented marketing research, all projects are designed with solid marketing recommendations in mind and we avoid dwelling on psychological methodological details, which are irrelevant for the client’’s business decisions.

Our expertise in both business and household qualitative and quantitative research studies is well documented and we have a thorough understanding of how information is used to solve marketing problems.


The recruitment of respondents is the core essence of any qualitiative research. Our deep experience in this area and our drive for perfection means that our recruitment is always a success.

The recruiting of qualitiative research participants takes place by telephone, and in most cases we utilise our access database recruited through our large CATI-omnibuses.

Other of BERENT’’s in-house research instruments include:

  • CATI-interviewing (computer assisted telephone interviewing)
  • CAWI-interviewing (computer assisted web interviewing)
  • Paper-and-pencil surveys (with or without specialised automated scanner tool)
  • In-home face-to-face interviewing (with automated scanner questionnaires)
  • High street interviewing (with automated scanner questionnaires).
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews (by phone or face-to-face)


For more information on how BERENT can help your organisation conduct qualitative research please contact us through