Export studies on the sweets and snacks market

2021/05/12 | Research findings |

As part of its agricultural export promotion program, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) has published further market studies by BERENT.

After the report “The Market for Agricultural Machinery in Japan”, which was published in February 2020, the studies on the sweets and snacks market of the countries Australia, Paraguay and Uruguay as well as the Andean countries Ecuador, Colombia and Peru have now been released by the Federal Ministry and are available on the BMEL website.

Below, you find the direct links to the studies:

Australia: https://www.agrarexportfoerderung.de/fileadmin/SITE_MASTER/content/files/Marktstudien/2020/MS_Suesswaren_Australien_final_.pdf

Paraguay and Uruguay: https://www.agrarexportfoerderung.de/fileadmin/SITE_MASTER/content/files/Marktstudien/2020/Suesswaren_Mercosur-Staaten_final.pdf

Ecuador, Colombia and Peru: https://www.agrarexportfoerderung.de/fileadmin/SITE_MASTER/content/files/Marktstudien/2020/MS_Suesswaren_Anden_09022021_JW.pdf