Survey: European Patent Office (EPO) Patent Filings Survey 2018

2018/05/11 | Research findings |

Each year the European Patent Office (EPO) surveys a sample of its applicants in order to obtain information about the estimated numbers of future patent filings envisaged over the next three years. The survey serves as one of the Office’s tools for establishing the roadmap to better manage the resources required to handle its workload within an acceptable time frame and at the highest quality.

BERENT is the selected partners of the EPO and, as such, are responsible for conducting this survey by way of making direct contact with a sample of the EPO’s applicants so as to achieve the necessary co-operation in order to gather the required information.

For further information about the Patent Filings Survey, please visit:

On behalf of the EPO, we would like to thank all of the participants for taking time to give their feedback in respect of the 2017 survey as well as looking forward to continued co-operation in the future.

The final report of the 2017 survey has been published in English and is available on the following page:$File/patent_filings_survey_2017_en.pdf