2015/05/27 | Research findings |

The BERENT institute in Vilnius has on behalf of the Lithuanian Central Bank conducted a new wave of The Survey of Non-Financial Enterprises on Business Financing.

The non-financial enterprises were surveyed in February–March 2015; responses were received from 501 non-financial enterprises operating in Lithuania.

The Survey of Non-Financial Enterprises on Business Financing is aimed at the assessment of the demand of non-financial enterprises for financial resources, changes in borrowing from credit and other financial institutions as well as developments in credit standards, also at obtaining information on the financial standing and developments in the operations of non-financial enterprises.

Key findings:

  • Slightly more than half of the enterprises participating in the Survey noted, that their sales income increased in the period under review, while a fifth of respondents claimed, that they remained unchanged.
    The major share of enterprises identified the tax burden as the main challenge,again.
  • Internal resources continue to be the main business financing instrument.
  • Traditional external financing instruments (bank loans, leasing, trade credits) continued to be more popular than alternative financing instruments (venture capital funds, angel investors, crowd funding, mezzanine financing).
  • In the second half-year of 2014 about 14.8 per cent of all surveyed enterprises (2.3 p.p. less that half a year ago) applied to credit institutions to borrow or change the contractual terms and conditions of their current liabilities.

Full report is available on the Lithuanian Central Bank’s homepage (in English):

Source: Lithuanian Central Bank.