Maximum 500 CATI-interviews per country weekly, ages between 15 and 75 (can vary in some markets). Stay on the omnibus as many weeks as wanted.

“Dual Frame” – telephone survey with a mix of interviews by landline and mobile phone.

The sample universe is the population above the age of 14 of the country. The sample is established by the RLD-method (randomised-last-digit) with public telephone directories. The target person is selected with a random key: the person having birthday next. The base will be adjusted for non-response and disproportionality by balancing. A part of the interviews are conducted by mobile phone. The interviews in Lithuania are conducted in Lithuanian, the interviews in Latvia are conducted in Latvia and Russian, and the interviews in Estonia are conducted in Estonian and Russian.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 500 interviews per country weekly.S4

Questions on a Monday, results 3 weeks later.

Standard deliverables are tables or a raw data file. Other deliverables, including topline reports, are available upon request at an additional cost.

Telephone Omnibus Benefits

  • Highest level of representativeness
  • Low cost per completed interviews, also for one or few questions
  • One, two or three of the Baltic countries as needed
  • The opportunity to analyse results using extensive standard demographic variables
  • Experienced project team to manage the entire study