The way we work together with our clients…


The importance of market research and consultancy services has increased rapidly over the last two or three decades. However, at the same time, so has its cost. As a result, clients have a growing, and understandable, need for the information we deliver to be actionable.


We at BERENT understand that we must supply more than “just numbers” to you as our clients; – no client really wants, or can make use of, a wheelbarrow loaded with data or cross-tabulations. We understand that we must supply value: information that is true, understandable and that can be directly applied to your organisation.


We have discovered there are many factors determining the success of this approach. The three generally most important elements are:

  • To get true value in marketing intelligence systems we need to focus on the “bottom line” – always: “need to know” instead of “nice to know”.
  • We need to understand your business processes and strategy. We need to ensure close links and smooth transitions along the whole value chain. All players of corporate life, all levels of decision making and implementation must act together.
  • We need to create “proximity”: an all-encompassing, long-term relationship between you and the researchers/consultants at BERENT and all the many internal users of marketing intelligence at your organisation.


In other words, we create proximity between research/consultant and your team: not another chapter of a buyer-seller story, but an intense collaboration that results in a mutually-rewarding long term, partner-like relationship.


The key to this orientation is communication. Information has to flow efficiently and effectively between all members of your team(s) and BERENT’s researchers/consultants. All relevant players, all relevant levels of decision-making and implementation must be involved and “buy into” the process, e.g. the researchers/consultants must communicate with them all one or another way:

  • If you do not talk with people, you cannot benefit from their knowledge about the issue which you are researching.
  • If you do not talk with people, you cannot expect them to understand the consequences of your work. They are likely to be reluctant or turn you down by saying “I do not believe your findings …”.
  • Lead the people by communicating with them about the work you do for them and they will follow you….


Good marketing information helps to keep your company on track. That is what our client-institute relationship and philosophy is all about…