BERENT is an independent full service market research organisation, owned and managed by experienced professionals.

BERENT’s international specialisation is focused on understanding how the different (national) cultures of buyers, consumers and business partners work, and the implications of all this for the client’s business.

BERENT one of the leading providers of research-based information and advice to the media industry in North Europe e.g. TV and radio stations, media content providers, media agencies, advertising agencies, sponsors and advertisers.

The researchers/consultants at BERENT have deep experience in all phases of modern marketing research in industries such as food/beverage, banking/insurance, computer/IT/communication, retailing, sport and electronic entertainment as well as a wide range of business-to-business and industrial markets.

BERENT does not supply pre-packaged research products. Our research professionals are highly-experienced research generalists, with particular expertise in the following fields of research:

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Audience Research (viewers’ / listeners’ behaviour)
  • Big Insight (Key Satisfaction Driver, Future Demand Forecasting – Market Response Modelling, Predicative analytics, Data Science – Retention Modelling)
  • Brand Development (such as brand value tracking, advertising effect and behaviour effects in different markets and cultures)
  • Customer Satisfaction Reseearch
  • Advertising Research / Print advertisement and TV commercial diagnosis (such as pre-test optimisation of design, brand penetration, etc. at different markets and cultures)
  • Sponsorship Research (rub-off, impact on brand equity, sales, etc.)
  • Advertising/sponsorship tracking (long-term monitoring of advertising/sponsorship effects)
  • Usage & Attitude Research (especially related to media activities)
  • New Media (internet surfers’ profile, web-content evaluation/testing, virtual product development, impact on brand equity, sales, etc.)

Our research clients’ problems vary widely. Therefore projects are always carefully tailored, to meet each client’s need for information and advice both fully and efficiently.

BERENT does not engage in telemarketing or sales-related activities.

BERENT’s managers are members of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), MRS (Market Research Society), and BVM (Berufsverband Deutscher Marktforscher), guaranteeing that high professional and ethical standards are maintained.


Thanks again for the excellent and informative presentation from yesterday .. (..) .. I will definitely come back to BERENT. Karl-Thomas Cerulli, CeDo Folien und Haushaltsprodukte GmbH

Looking forward to another year of great insights! Lars Verspohl, Research Director, Viasat Broadcasting